BLT Wrap

  Putting these together is an adventure, a trial and a challenge. But they are pretty good.

1    head of lettuce (iceberg)
Turkey breast, sliced thin but not shaved
tomato, sliced or diced
bacon,  crisp
salt and pepper if you want.

    Place a dab of mayo on a slice of turkey breast,. Place some tomato and bacon on top and roll it up.
Roll that in a leaf of lettuce. Bingo!
    The first problem you'll run into is getting the leaves off the head of lettuce. Usually, the first
 two or three are OK but it gets more and more difficult after that. You need to be careful to not tear
them. I've been getting the base or thickest part kind of loose and then squishing the head of lettuce
around to try and loosen the leaf before I try to peel it off.
    I've found that cutting the slice of tomato in half makes it easier to place on the turkey and to wrap.
    When I've seen these made on TV cooking shows, they place the turkey on the leaf and roll
everything together  at one time. That hasn't worked for me.
    Rolling is an art!  I start with the thick end. roll it over the turkey roll, fold in the sides and then
continuing rolling.
       Make it a personal challenge and don't give up.

Please let me know how you are doing with these and if youfind a better lettuce leaf to use.

    Thanks and have fun... 
(In two months we lost 15 lbs. each and we had these two or three times a week.)