Boneless Prime Rib

    Our Christmas dinner has included a boneless prime rib for 30 years.  This year we tried something different.  500 degrees for 35 minutes and then turn off the oven...

First we had a 7 lb. prime boneless rib eye. Three days before cooking it I covered it generously with Kay's Seasoning and wrapped it in Saran Wrap as tight as I could. We had all the family here on Saturday so on Saturday morning I took it out to let it get up to room temperature.  Boy, I'll tell you, the house smelled wonderful. . .
   I put the meat on a rack and pre heated the oven to 500.  We had a 7 lb. piece of meat and figured 5 minutes per pound and I put a temperature guage into the meat.  First, into the 500 oven for 35 minutes. Then we turned the oven off and, left it alone for two hours.  In the last 15 minutes I saw that the temp wasn't going to get up to 135ish so I turned the oven back on to 350 until it got to 135ish.
It was perfect. Medium well on the outside and just right in the middle.
   Next time I'll try 5 1/2 minutes per pound and see how it goes. The main thing is to have a thermometer in the meat.

    Kay's seasoning made a big difference, too.  We've been selling it around the area and lots pf people are coming back for more.