A GREAT sauce for chicken or salmon

1. 1 C chicken broth
2. 3 T butter

3. 3 T lemon juice
4. 2 T dry white wine
5. 1 T parsley leaves -dry is OK

6. 1 T  capers, drained  (a little more or less to your taste)
7.  1 T  pimento, diced   (a little more or less to your taste)

8. 3 T  flour

    As you sample the sauce add a little more of any item to suit your taste.

A little more or less of anything based on your individual taste is OK.

Combine first 5 ingredients in pan or skillet and simmer to reduce volume of liquid to about half. With a whisk, stirring rapidly, slowly sift flour into the sauce to fully incorporate. Add capers and pimentos.  Or, spoon some sauce into a measuring cup, add the flower, mix well and then add to the sauce. Let thicken.

Ladle over chicken or salmon or veggies..