Caramel Apple Dip


This came to me from a good friend, Pat, in Chicago.  The family loved it at Thanksgiving, neighbors went  nuts over it at a party, a week later, and everyone wants it again on Christmas Eve.


1   8 oz.          whipped topping (like Cool Whip), thawed 

1 bag               Heath Toffee Bits

1 8 oz pkg.     cream cheese, bring to room temperature

1 jar                 Smucker’s Caramel Ice Cream Topping (our store has 12.25 oz. jars)

2 or 3 each      red and green apples



            Beat cream cheese until smooth.  Add the whipped topping and caramel and beat again. Place in refrigerator for at least two hours (I usually leave it there over night).

            Just before serving, blend in the toffee bits.

            Cut up two or three, each, Red Delicious or Fuji and Grannie Smith  apples  into 1/8 wedges and arrange around he bowel with the dip.



1.         To prevent the apples from turning brown dip them in a  Fruit Fresh type bath or a bath of  Sprite.  - Drain before serving.

2.         Toffee bits – I couldn’t find  bags of Toffee Bits so I got some candy bars I could break up. But,  how many bars? A single bar is 1.4 oz. and I finally found
             a recipe that called for one 8oz. bag of the toffee bits which means 5.7 bars.  I used 6.  I broke them up some and then put them in a small processor to
             break them up into the small bits that looked about right.

3.         After the first batch I wanted a little more caramel flavor so used one and a half jars.  (sorry  Pat)