Cheese Pull-a-Parts

We usually have these every New Years Day but they are good anytime.

10    bicsuits from one of those little cardboard containers you hit and they come apart.

1      jar Kraft Bacon Cheddar cheese, It comes in a little 5 ounce jars* (12/12/09  I can't find it. Maybe they don't make it any more)

C butter (one stick)

Preheat oven to temperature noted on the biscuit container.

Melt and stir together butter and cheese in a 10 inch pie tin. While they are melting separate biscuits and cut into fourths.

Mix butter and cheese well and then layer the biscuit pieces into the mixture.

When done (nice and brown,  invert pie tin over a plate and the pull-a-parts should fall right onto the plate.

Let cool and enjoy each little bite.

*Ask your grocer for Kraft cheese in little5 ounce  jars. In our stores they have them near the crackers and Velveeta.
  We get the 10 to a can biscuits in packages of four containers so I make up 4 batches at a time... No problem, they dissapear. . .