Creamy Lemon Chicken

6  boneless skinless chicken breast halves
 some salt and pepper and some flour
½   C  dry white wine
½  C  sour cream
2  T  oil
2  T  butter
1    green onion, sliced and diced
1 ½  T  lemon juice, fresh
1      garlic clove, minced or pressed
2  tsp.  sugar
1 ½ tsp.  flour
¼  tsp.  tarragon

         Combine flour, sugar and tarragon to the sour cream, mix thoroughly and set aside.
        Place a breast between two pieces of plastic wrap and pound down to about ¼ inch thick.  Repeat with each breast. Sprinkle each pounded breast with s & p and dust lightly with flour.
        In a frying pan large enough to hold all 6 breasts in a single layer, heat oil and butter using med/high heat. Cook chicken about 3-4 minutes on each side or until they are no longer pink in the middle.  If using a smaller fry pan, do two or three at a time.  Set aside and keep warm.
        Reduce heat to medium and add the onion, juice and wine.  Scrape the pan to free browned bits and mix with o, j and w. and bring to a low boil.  Add the sour cream mixture to the pan and stir until the sauce, again, begins to boil.

        Pour sauce over the chicken.

                    We like to double the sauce.
                            Also, the sauce is good over those small turkey metballs (Costco or Sam's) on top of rice or noodles.