Chocolate Persimmon Cookies

1  c          persimmion pulp           2  c        flour
1  t           baking soda                  1  t        cinnamon
1/2  c        white sugar                   1/4  t       salt
1/2  c        brown sugar                  1/3  c      cocoa
1/2  c        butter                             1/2  c      walnuts, chopped
1              egg                                1   c      chocolate chips
1  t           orange zest
1  t           vanilla extract

                        pre-heat oven to 375

    Combine flour, cinnamon, salt and cocoa and set aside
 Cream both sugars and butter. Add eggs, one at a time, orange zest and vanilla. Beat until well combined.
    Add persimmion pulp and soda and combine well.
 Add flour mixture and when well combined add nuts and chocolae chips.

    Drop by well rounded teaspoon onto a greased (not sprayed) cookie sheet.

    Bake @ 375 12 - 15 minutes.