Crab and Lobster Cakes

Chesapeake Bay Gourmet (16) 2oz Crab Cakes
 They are sooo good.  We have both crab cakes and lobster cakes in the freezer and have one or the other once a week
because we want to eat more sea food.  I do't see the Lobster Cakes on the QVC Web site but that's where we got them.
Give QVC a call at 1-800-367-9444 and ask about lobster cakes.  Once you try the crab cakes you will want to try the lobster cakes.

       Better idea- - - -Get the assorted cakes.. You'll get three 3-oz crab cakes, three 3-os crab and lobster cakes,
three 3-oz crab and shrimp cakes and three 3-oz crab and scallop cakes.

       Call QVC