Gail’s BBQ Bean Recipé
Gail Spears
1 large can (7 lb.2 0z.) Van Camps Pork & Beans
1 lb.            Hamburger
2 lb.            Kilbasa Sausage
1 lb.            Bacon
2 med.-lg.        Onions (Gail said 1. I’m gonna try 2)
2 (14 oz) cans        Tomato Sauce
1            Green or Red Bell Pepper (Carl added this)
6 T            Light Brown Sugar
3 T               Woody’s Cook-in Sauce  (BBQ concentrate)
         Fry hamburger, drain and put in crock pot.  Add drained P & B.
Fry bacon, reserve fat, crumble and put in pot. Slice onions into quarters
 like an apple, cut the  Kilbasa into ¼ inch slices and dice the bell pepper.
 Use some of the bacon fat to fry Kilbasa, bell pepper and onions together.  
Add Kilbasa, bell pepper, onions and remaining ingredients to the crock pot,
stir  and simmer on low for 4 - hours.