Ham Casserole

                                                                                         Stella Lincoln

                                                This has been a family favorite since the mid 1800ds.
It was one of my favorite meals when I was growing up.  I thought it was my Motherís recipe. But I was just going through some old recipe files and this popped up with my Grandmother, Stella Lincolnís name on it.  It is my Momís handwriting, though.

         Itís still one of my favorites.

from the recipe card)

                                                                            "Stella Lincolnís Ham Casserole"

ďCook Ham slightly to brown in skillet. Remove ham and sautť onions, then add stewed, whole, tomatoes (I use diced) & drained can of peas.óBake

350     45 minutes & serve---or can cook slowly (all together) in skillet"


         I remember my Mom making it in a heavy old iron skillet and thatís how I do it.  Iíve been doing it from memory but this is pretty close.


    Like so many of the old recipes, very few or no amounts are given.

But, I use a two (or so) cups of chopped ham, a medium yellow onion, chopped, a 15ish oz. can of stewed tomatoes and the same size can of peas.

   My Mom cut the ham in pieces about 2 x 3 inches.  I cut them smaller because Iím lazy and donít want to cut them while Iím eating.

        2 cups            ham, diced  (bite size pieces)

        1  med.           onion diced/chopped

        1 15 oz. can    tomatoes, diced

        1 15 oz. can    peas