Hot Dogs

    Everyone has their favorite Hot Dog.
       I was going from my room at the MGM Grand to the theater where the Diva Concert rehearsals were going on
and as I passed a group of restaruants I saw a Nathan's Hot dog sign. I was in heaven. When I wasn't in watching
 the rehearsals you could probably find me at Nathan's they are soooo good. But as good as they are we like Siani better. 
We've only found them at Cost Co and they are not always there but when they are se stock up.

    I take a large hot dog and slice it almost in two (lengthwise) so it will lay open on the grill.
   Lay the grilled dog on a sandwich bun with some mayo and mustard. That's it.
     You may want to add pickles, lettuce, cheese and other condiments but we like the Siani almost plain it has such good flavor.

A few chips and a good salad..