Before cooking take a Phillips screwdriver or a pair of scissors and take off the membrane on the back of the ribs.
                 Going in the direction of the bones, put the screwdriver under the membrane and get your finger or thumb under it.
                Removing that membrane will make them a lot more tender. (more tender? OK I wasn't an English major)
                                    Bar-B-Que ribs over a low fire (275º - 300º). The lower heat takes longer but makes them more tender. 
            When ribs are about half done, use a brush (or a mop) to paint them with sauce.  Turn ribs frequently and paint each time.
             Frequent turning and layers of sauce will allow the sauce to caramelize as it cooks on the ribs and give it/them a better flavor.
                                Wrap each slab in foil with sauce painted over them.  Seal foil and bake @ 300º for about 2-3 hours.
            (check after 2  to see how they are doing…they can get too tender and fall off the bone)
            Refrigerate ribs until 2 hours before BBQing.  Bring ribs to room temp. and BBQ on grill painting with sauce and turning
            frequently letting sauce caramelize a bit.  Remove from grill and cut into individual pieces.   

                            I usually Cook ribs in a pressure cooker to remove fat.  Sometimes, in place of water in the pressure cooker,
            I use soy sauce which gives a little different flavor. Or, some ribs in soy sauce and some in water.  Beer (flat) is
            also an option.
                            Paint ribs with sauce as they cook, again, on a Bar-B-Que.  The second cooking is mainly to heat them and to
            caramelize the sauce.
                            I’ve found it doesn’t stick to well to hamburgers but is pretty good anyway. (B-B-Qued bacon/cheese burgers…. I’m ready)

                        Call me and I’ll come over and cook…...