Litíl Franks and Sauce

John Carlson

First of all, believe me. This sauce is really good and it works. Donít ask me why or how. It just does. When Kayís brother, John, brought some over, I didnít believe it. Had to try it myself.

Youíre gonna think the same thingÖ.De Olí Wampas Cat is tryiní to slip one over on you againí.

                                                                                                                                         Tainít so, McGee. This is the real deal.

Ingredients are easyÖ..

Little finger size franks or smokies or polish sausages

OR take a Polish Sausage, kilbasa or dinner franks, slice and brown them.

Equal amounts of (believe me) grape jelly and mustard. 
We use Bone Suckin' Mustard. (see below) 

The jar of grape jelly I get is 18 oz. Spoon it into a chafing dish or fondu pot. Add just a little less mustard and let them warm up, melt and stir them together. Taste it to see if you would like a little more mustard. We usually wind up with equal parts but thatís just us.

Add the meat pieces and let them all warm up.

We use long toothpicks to spear them.

Here in California we get Hillshire Farms Litíl Polskas and Litíl Smokies but you could just as easily use a regular size kilbasas or Polish Sausages and cut them to bite size to use.
The best part of this recipe, though, is the Bone Suckin' Mustard we use.  Look on the Recipe page at New Taste Treats for information about the it.

Our son Marc has used Ketchup and mustard and says it turned out just as good.


Thanks, John.  It's a winner!