Marinated Veggies


Kay came into the computer room in her wheelchair and said "I have an idea."    That means I'm going to prepare something new..

            She said  Slice some zucchini, cucumber, carrots, mushrooms and a little red onion as thin as you can and marinate them in Italian dressing.” 

            So, I had my marching orders.

            I sliced everything  and put it all in a Food Saver canister so they’d marinate better and was taking the canister to the fridge in the garage when she said….”Oh I just thought of red kidney beans.  They’d go good in there too.”  So I added a can of drained beans.

            Now to let the flavors blend for 24 hours. . .


          1          zucchini   

            1          cucumber 

            2          carrots

            1          white mushrooms  (I got an 8 oz. package at the store)

            1 small red onion (I used about ¼ as much onion as the other ingredients)

            1 can   red kidney beans, drained  (a can about 15 oz.)

                               All sliced as thin as you can.  I used a mandoline.


           Marinate about 24 hours in Italian dressing (we use Good Season’s but will try others)