Marshmallow Dressing
an old Nut Tree recipe

We got this from the Nut Tree in the 60s  and have used it for years and years and love it over a fruit salad.

5 oz.      light corn syrup
1 C        sugar
1/2 C      hot water
2            egg whites
1/3 C      mayonaise
vanilla to taste (1/4 tsp.?)
orange zest to taste  (1 Tbsp.?)

    Combine syrup, sugar and hot water and cook until the mixture registers 248, or  will form a thread.
    Beat egg whites stiff, then add the hot sugar syrup to eggs, slowly, while continuing to beat.
    Flavor with vanilla.
    When cool, add mayonaise and orange zest.

       Serve over a fruit salad.

Fresh Fruit with Marshmallow Sauce

An old Nut Tree Recipe


  cup     hot water

  2/3 cup   light corn syrup

  1 cup     sugar

  2         egg whites

  Dash      salt

  1/4 tsp.   vanilla extract

  1/4 cup   mayonnaise

  1 Tbs.     grated orange zest


Selection of fresh fruits and mellons.


1    Combine water, corn syrup and sugar in a deep saucepan. Heat over medium heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Increase heat and boil slowly without stirring to firm ball stage or thread stage (248 degrees F. on candy thermometer.) Do not overcook.

2   Meanwhile beat egg whites with salt. When stiff, gradually beat in the hot syrup, beating until thick and fluffy. Fold in vanilla, mayonnaise and orange zest.

If sauce becomes too thick, thin with a small amount of mayonnaise or hot water.

 For use as a dipping sauce fondue-style prepare melons and fruit in large pieces.

For use as a topping, prepare in bite-size pieces, and/or add smaller fruits like berries and grapes to the array.