Uncle John’s Enchiladas

Uncle John Carlson

2 cups turkey meat, shredded

1 can –7oz- diced chilies

small can sliced olives

  1. green onions, chopped 1/8 inch

enough mild Safeway Salsa to keep mixture point

lots sharp cheddar cheese (use some jack also)

some 8 inch tortillas

some red or green enchilada sauce


Mix turkey, ½ of chilies, olives and onions and ¾ cheese together and add salsa to keep moist. Also add a small amount of sauce. Heat (fry) tortillas to make them soft and pliable. Covet the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan with sauce. Roll ingredients into tortillas and place in with flaps down. Filled enchiladas should be about 2 inches across.

Cover enchiladas with sauce cheese onions olives and back at 250º for


We make them up and place 4 at a time in an 8x8 pan and freeze them for later.