Mom's Egplant
  Grace Carlson

2         eggs + 2 T water
2 T      parmesan cheese
2 t each of sugar, salt, pepper and garlic powder
1         egplant
2 c      bread crumbs or cracker crumbs
cooking oil to cover the bottom of an electric fry pan.

small jar of mild salsa or stronger depending on your taste
slices of swiss cheese to cover each slice of eggplant

    Mix first  6 ingredients well and set aside in a large plate.  Place bread crumbs in a similalr plate.
Slice unpeeled eggplant into 1/2 inch slices.  Dip each slice into egg mixture, turning to ensure it is all covered, and then press into breadcrumbs making sure each piece is fully covered.
    Brown both sides in oil in an electric fry pan at 350º then cover and steam for 30 minutes.
       Spoon salsa over egggplant, cover each piece with swiss cheese, cover and bake at 300º until sheese is melted.
                 Mom always had an extra bowl of salsa on the table in case anyone wanted more and she served this dish  with homemade applesauce (see the recipe for applessauce in the microwave).