Oriental Chicken Salad
Carl Depew

          We just love an oriental chicken salad.  Recently I discovered the Bone Suckin' Yaki Sauce and we really liked the dressing. 

For two

Lettuce (However much you want. How hungry are you?)

3 boneless skinless chicken breasts

4 green onions diced
1 can water chestnuts, sliced and diced or quartered

˝ Lb snow peas

Chow mien crispy noodles

1 carrot
    If you want it "hot" add some Hot Chili Oil)

(more and more I use Tyson’s Teriyaki breasts or thighs. They’re already cooked and I'm pretty lazy.)


     Bone Suckin' Yaki (see note#1)
     (think about a little rice wine vinegar if you want to cut it a little)

              Mix well and pour over salad.

    Cut chicken into bite size pieces and marinate in some dressing for an hour or so.  Cook fast in a little oil and refrigerate to cool. Or just dice if you use the Tyson’s pre cooked breasts.  Shave lettuce and cabbage using about 1 part lettuce to 2 parts cabbage.

Dice green onion, wash snow peas and cut into bite size pieces, dice carrot into 1/8 x 1/8 x ˝ inch pieces.
Dice up the water chestnuts.

    Toss with dressing.  sprinkle a few noodles on top.
               We like it with garlic bread or sweet Hawaiian bread.

  NOTE #1:  This dressing comes from the folks who make the mustard and dry rub we like so much. When I brought some Yaki home and gave Kay a taste she got "that look" on her face, smiled and said  "Ohhh, that's gooood.  That would be great on the Oriental Chicken Salad." Of course she's right. 
    Kay likes just a little dressing on her salads.  Me? I like more.  So I dish her's up and then add a little more to mine and I add just a splash of flavored rice vinegar.  The vinegar adds just a little spicy bite I like but Kay doesn't.
      Look for Bone Suckin' BBQ Sauce at your store.  If they don't have it ask for it and check other stores.  If you can't find any close by go to WWW.Bonesuckin.COM.  While you are ordering some Yaki, get some dry rub and mustard.