Reuben Sausage

The Sabatino's Sausage was soooo good with the peppers and onions... MMMMmmmmmm!
But Kay improved it.
She told me to add some of caraway seeds to the mixture while it's cooking. After it's on the plate, cover it with slices of Swiss Cheese and place it under the broiler. When the cheese has melted take it out and drizzle it with 1000 Island Dressing.  Just like a Rubin Sandwich only withought the bread.
    I always do what she says.
             Lucky me.   Nummy nummy!

   I've looked around and you can buy flavored sausages all over.   So use whatever you can find..
    The package we got at the store had 6 nice sausages in it so this is for 6- - -

    So here's what we've got....

    3 med    onions, sliced like orange sections
    1 lg.       red and one green bell pepper, sliced lengthwise and about an inch and a half long
     1 lb      sliced Swiss Cheese
       Sauerkraut, (I used  a 32 oz. jar)
      Jar of 1,000 Island Dressing
     1 1/2 T   caraway seed
       Package of  five or six sausages

    On the stove, I put a little olive oil in a medium size Dutch Oven, got it heating and tossed in the sausages to let them brown. Took them out, set them aside and started on the onions and bell peppers. . I stirred them quite a bit as they started to cook down and when it looked like the onions were starting to caramelize  I added the sauerkraut, sausages and caraway seed .
Then into a 350º oven for an hour. 45 minutes would be OK and more than an hour is OK too.
    Placed some sauerkraut and onions on a plate.  Set the sausages on top of that, cheese covering the mixture and sausages and under the broiler to melt the cheese.  When the cheese was melted I transfered the dish to a cool plate (the one under the broiler was too hot) and drizzled some 1000 Island Dressing over it all.

    Oh, my goodness. . . . .

         We'll have this with a Doré's Salad  or an Autum Salad and it's a great meal.