Sabatino's Sausage

    Sometimes I make up a meal that is so good I almost feel guilty enjoying it so much. That is what happened yesterday.
We ordered some Sabatino's Fully Cooked Gourmet Philly Cheese Chicken/Turkey Sausage from QVC. (I don't think I ever ate anything with such a long name.)  When Kay saw them on TV they talked about having them with onions, bell pepper and sauerkraut.  So, that's what Kay had me do.

    2 med    onions, sliced like orange sections
    1 lg.       red bell pepper, sliced lengthwise
    1 16 oz. jar     Sauerkraut
    4     SFCGPCC/TS's  (I'm not going to type that out again!!!!)

    On the stove, I put a little olive oil in a medium Dutch Oven, got it heating and tossed in the sliced onions and bell peppers. I stirred them quite
a bit as they started to cook down and when it looked like the onions were starting to cook down I added the sauerkraut and sausages.
Then into a 350º oven for an hour.

    Earlier in the day I'd made up some Broccoli Salad and we had that with the sausages and sauerkraut....

       That was a GREAT meal.  Call QVC or go on the computer and get some of these sausages. You'll want to make up this dish as soon as they are delivered. 
   (OK, sure, I know you can go to the store and get some sausage. But these are good so give 'em a try.)

       UP DATE

            I've found so many great specialty sausages in the stores it's amazing.  So many varietys. 
               I brown the sausages in the dutch Oven, remove them and then start on the onions and bell pepper.  But, now we alwlays make the dish as a Rubin.  Take a look at the Ruben Sausage recipe.