SOP Salad
  Spinach  Orange and Pear
  with onion and vinegar too
    Carl and Kay


          This is good as a salad with dinner or, with pieces of steak as a  meal by itself.
   We try to have it at least once a month .

Baby spinach for two (I pinch the stems off)
Two pears, peeled and diced (healthier to leave the skins on)
About 1/2 cup finely shaved red onions

The dressing is equal parts orange juice and regular seasoned rice vinegar. I use frozen OJ. Mix it according to instructions and add the same amount of  rice vinegar.

 Combine spinach, pears and onion.  Dress, to taste with ojv dressing.

  As noted above, I will take leftover steak, slice it thin, cut those slices into bite size pieces and layer the meat over the salad.
      It's a meal by itself and one we just love.