Chef’s Salad

Lettuce. A mixture with iceberg as the main item

hard boiled eggs
sliced pickles beets, slivered
tomato, diced or quartered and those cut in half
pickled asparagus spears in 1 inch pieces
black olives, sliced
dill pickle chips, quartered
turkey, ham, salami
swiss cheese
cheddar cheese

Thousand Island dressing Recipe below

  rolls  of your choice

I vary the mounts depending on just how I want it to taste.

Dice turkey, ham, salami, and cheese. Sometimes I sliver the salami.

Thousand Island Dressing

1 C           mayonnaise

1  T           parsley, chopped fresh

2  T          sweet pickle relish

2  T          ketchup

2 t            capers, well drained

˝   t         paprika

1 hard cooked egg, quartered

    Blend well in a blender until the egg is reduced and the dressing
reaches the consistency desired.
       We like ours where the egg is fine but still detectable.
   I use a small Ninja but any blender will do.

We use capers because we usualy have them. If not, that's OK too.