Slivered Chicken and Walnuts Recipe


                  Cooking Sauce

          ½  t      cornstarch

         1 dash  hot pepper sauce

         ¾ t       sugar

         ¾ t       white vinegar

         1 t        wateror sherry wine

         1T        soy sauce


         Stir Fry Ingredients
2  chicken breasts, cut up

         1 T       soy sauce

         1 t        cornstarch

         3  T      vegetable oil

         ½ c      walnut pieces

         ½         green pepper, sliced

2                          carrots, juliened

2          stalks celery, sliced

         ½         onion, sliced     

         ½ t       ginger



1.            Prepare cooking sauce and set aside.

2.            Mix chicken pieces with soy sauce and cornstarch and set aside.

3.            Pour oil into wok and preheat at HI for 3 minutes. When oil is hot, add walnuts and stir fry until brown (1 minute) remove walnuts and set aside.

4.            Add chicken to oil and stir fry until chicken is opaque (3 minutes); remove and set aside.

5.            Add celery, green peppers, and carrots first with a bit of water (I add a little extra oil here too).

6.            Add in onions and ginger. Stir fry all veggies until tender crisp.

7.            Add back chicken and walnuts and add in cooking sauce.

               Stir fry mixing together well for another minute.

                     Serve over rice.