Sourdough Pancakes
Carl Depew

(from a Krusteaz package many years ago)

I LOVE sourdough pancakes and although we had the very best sourdough starter from Paul Croy (who started it in about 1923 when he was living on Priest Lake in northern Idaho) I couldn’t keep the starter going. Enter Krusteaz. They make such good things to eat and these pancakes are my favorite.

3 ½ C Krusteaz Sourdough Bread Mix

  1. eggs, beaten

2 ¾ to 3 C buttermilk (vary amount for thicker or thinner panckaes)

1 T baking powder

½ t baking soda

Stir together milk and eggs. Add to dry ingredients. Stir until large lumps disappear. Mixture will thicken as it stands and can be thinned with additional buttermilk.

Fry on lightly greased griddle heated to 375º.