Southwest Chicken Salad
 This is one of our favorite salads. We have it at least once a month and usually every other week.
                              see UPDATE below   (On the week we don't have this we'll have a Chicken Caesar Salad)

2 - 3 chicken breasts marinated in mesquite and BBQed then diced and steamed or warmed in microwave.
            OR Tyson’s or Sam's Club brand of Mesquite chicken breasts (see chicken notes)
                                                           I usually use one piece, which is one half breast, per person
1 cup    black olives, sliced
1 cup    kidney beans (drained
1 cup    tomatoes, diced (we use cherry tomatoes and cut them in half)
3/4 cup    cheese, shredded, cheddar or cheddar and jack
1 cup    Crushed tortilla chips
lettuce, iceberg & romaine  - or just romaine- enough to make a nice base for the other ingredients.
Ranch Dressing

Layer   lettuce with some dressing drizzled over it, then olives, beans and tomates. A little more dressing.  Then cheese and chips.  Top
with the warm diced chicken and a little more dressing if you want.

Also, we’ve found we like  Hidden Valley Fat Free Ranch as well an any and it’s better for us.

      I didn't think this salad could get any better. But Kay is always thinking.  A few days ago, as I was making this for us, she asked me to add some
salsa to the dressing.  We use salsa from a local restaurant (Guadalajara Grill) or Taco Bell mild that we get at the store.