Years ago my sister, Myrene, gave us this recipe but it didn’t have any amounts.  Kay just made it up without amounts also.  When I had to start cooking it really bugged me but I just kind of threw it together.  Below are my best guesses as to what we use. A little more or less of any ingredient is OK.


          1 lb.             hamburger

          1                  red bell pepper, diced

          1 lg.            onion, diced

          1 pkg.         taco seasoning (we use La Victoria)

          salt & pepper  to taste


1 can           kidney beans, drained (the size of a soup can)

          1 lg.             tomato, diced (or lots of cherry tomatoes sliced in half)

          1                  avocado, diced

          1 can           olives, sliced  (soup can size can)

          4 cups        lettuce, shredded

          2 c               sharp cheddar cheese, shredded (we like extra sharp)

          taco sauce to taste

          Italian dressing to taste (for this one we like Wish Bone Italian)


          tortilla chips, crushed

          sweet rolls



          Sauté hamburger with onion and bell pepper. Add salt, pepper and taco seasoning, drain and refrigerate until cold.

          Combine cold hamburger mix with next 8 ingredients and toss.  Add chips and toss again.  

          Serve with sweet rolls.  We like the Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and butter.