Thanksgiving 2011 
              (I'm getting hungry already. . . .)

    This year, as in years past, cooking for Thanksgiving will be a lot easier because I'm going to do a lot of the snacks, appetizers, side dishes and deserts ahead of time. Some w a y  ahead of time. Things like snacks and appetizers, gravy, cranberry sauce and dressing will all be done weeks or days ahead of time.  Yes, I said dressing. Come on!  You know dressing is always better the next day and for the few days after Thanksgiving it lasts. Well, make it ahead of time and on The Day it will have that same better flavor and the cook isn't as tired.  Ok, here's the deal. I like dressing and if you make it up a few days ahead the flavors get to blend together more.  But the real reason is I like dressing so I make it up a few days earlier and it (I tell myself) will taste a little better on TDay but, also, I get to snack on it for  a few days before as well as after.

    For The Day (so much easier than typing out Thanksgiving every time...) we'll have:

    Snacks and Appetizers:
      Renee's AntipastoCaramel CrunchTijuana TidbitsHot Crabmeat Dip , Spiced Nuts ,  Artichoke Bread
and  Little BBQ Franks .  Well, at least I'm thinking of those.  May not make them all but I hope to.
   Along with the turkey, we'll have:
  Kay's Mom's Cranberry Relish , her brother's Gravy, Mashed Potatoes (if you need instructions, e-mail me), Kay's Green Beans , Del Monte Potatoes,  and  Dressing along with olives (black and green) and little finger size sweet and dill pickles.

    As for the Turkey, we'll do it in the oven (more later) but take a look at Deep Fried Turkey (If I can get the link to work).  It is well worth the time and effort. 

    Pies and Cakes (along with ice cream):

        Wine Cake Mincemeat Cake
Kay's Apple Pie or Niki's Family Pleasin' Pumpkin Cheescake.  We could, also, have a  Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie
or Teresa's  Pumpkin Desert.                                                          
                                        More cakes and pies later if I get some recipes.  Send your favorite to me....

 All the snacks and appetizers, the cranbery sauce, gravy and dressing will be made in advance (big talk from a lazy old man...).  Pies and cakes a few days before The Day.

 Thanksgiving Day (I hope) will only be the Turkey and mashed potatoes and bringing everything else together.