I would LOVE to be able to share THE BEST TURKEY ROASTING INSTRUCTIONS with you. But there arenít any.  Not a "best"  anyway. Around the country it seems like there are as many different ways to do a turkey as there are ways to do ribs or chocolate chip cookies. Well, almost, anyway.

Kayís Betty Crocker cookbook has a nice set of instructions as does the Good Housekeeping book.

I was looking through the holiday catalog of seasonings from Penzeys Spices  and they have what looked like a very good set of instructions. And they have some great spices to go along with it. If you really need help, look around the web or e-mail me.

I give up. Iím going to get a nice bird from the local store, make sure it has one of those little pop-up timers in it and that's it. Kay wants to start it up-side-down to get juices to flow down to the breast and then turn it over about two thirds of the way through.. When itís right-side-up Iíll baste it a few times. But thatís about it.
    Cuisine at home magazine had an Awesome Roast Turkey section in their December 2004 issue.  Go to a library and take a look.
You can also just search for roasting turkeys, or something similar, and find lots of information from people sharing recipes.

    A good rule of thumb seems to be about 15 minutes a pound at 325 degrees. But ovens vary and 325 isnít always exactly 325. Almost all the recipes and instructions tell us to let the bird rest 15 to 30 minutes after being removed from the oven, so thatís good to remember.

    Deep Fried Turkey 
     A few years ago our son, Marc, deep fried the turkey and it was wonderful.
    Evidently deep frying has been around a while and has just become more popular over the past few years. If you havenít tried it you might think seriously about it and here are two sites to help. It looks like fun, it is and the flavor is amazing.

        Two places to go to and find more about deep fried turkeys.
    The first is at BBQ 4 U
           Here's the real whole address -  
http://www.myfreebulletinboard.com/f2/bbq4u.html. But that BBQ 4 U should work if you click on it.
                 Scroll down to Deep Frying and then look for tips and instructions.  I like How to Fry Turkey with Pictures.

    Second is Cash and Carry Warehouse,  in Concord, and I'm in there getting something almost weekly. They are at                   
                            Cash and Carry Warehouse        (www.cashandcarrywarehouse.net)  Remember it's a .net not a .com.

       Scroll down to and click on deep fried trurkey.  You'll see Larry, in all his glory, fryin away.
            If you are within 30 or 40 miles of Concord, Calif. Try to come over to a demonstration. Itíll make a believer out of you and theyíll let you buy everything you need right there at the Cash and Carry Warehouse Store. (theyíre nice that way and you enjoy meeting Larry and watching him cook)