T-Day 2010
Snacks and Appetizers

    Most of the food for this year's Thanksgiving will be prepared in advance.
Caramel Crunch Tijuana Tidbits and Spiced Nuts as well as the BBQ sauce for theLittle BBQ Franks .
can all be made up a week or more in advance and kept in the fridge (olives and sauce) or an airtight container.  The downside on that is you'll want to snack on them for the weeks before T-Day and might have to prepare a second batch.   Artichoke Bread   can be made a few days in advance and kept in the fridge.  Renee's Antipasto , Tuesday or Wednesday but it will be easy because you bought all the ingredients  have them on hand. Hot Crabmeat Dip , a day or so in advance and keep it in the fridge until Thursday.

    Kay just mentioned toasted walnuts and almonds.  OOoooo!     Good idea.  Oops, and pecans for the Spiced Nuts.

    We get bags of both at Costco and toast them in the oven.  Have to watch them constantly but well worth the time and effort.  Walnuts can look like they are starting to burn but they'll be OK. Take the almonds out as soon as they start to brown. The flavor toasting brings out is amazing.

    I am not a computer guy so if any of the links, above, don't work try the ones in the main recipe list..