Deserts for Thanksgiving   - Like we're not already full. . . .

        It seems like everyone wants something different.  OK by me because there will be just that many more leftover deserts.

             Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without Aunt Annabell's  Wine Cake . It's been a family favorite for 40 + years.  One of my favorites is  Mincemeat Cake. So I'll make that for myself.  Someone will always want a slice of 
Kay's Apple Pie.  So I'll have that and some cheddar cheese and ice cream on hand for toppings.  A friend, Niki, E-mailed me her Family Pleasin' Pumpkin Cheescake  and that sounds good.  We could, also, have a  Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie or Teresa's  Pumpkin Desert.    

         Probably pumpkin and vanila ice cream too.