Steamin in a Bag
  Wonderfull taste treats

My son, Marc, turned me on to this.
  A few days ago he told me they had steamed some green beans in a bag with a little butter and Mom's seasoning (that's Kay's California Seasoning that we are trying to market) and it was outstanding. So, yesterday I called back to get the details and Carrie, Marc's wife, told me about the bags they bought that steam food in the microwave.  So, on the way home from coffee, this morning (coffee every morning with buddies at 6:00) I stopped at the store and found ZiplocZip'n Steam bags.
   So easy, even I could do it. And, every bag has instructions for fresh and frozen vegetables, seafood and poultry.  Cleaned the beans, added some butter and seasoning and in three minutes they were done and done just right. Crunchy, not flaby, and so flavorfull.
    Look for 'em and give them a try. I think, like me, you will love them.